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The story that marks us.

It was almost 60 years ago that the Mundus brand was born, latin word for "the world" and says “who knows”, created to honour our navigators, who were in discovery of the World, around the year 1415.


Initially created and owned by the Union of Cooperative Wineries of the Province of Extremadura, where the Adega Cooperativa da Vermelha Crl was part among others, the Mundus brand had as its purpose the export of wines produced in this region, achieving in the 1960s great prominence in the export market to the United States, England and Angola.

Later in the 70's, with the evolution of several problems, the Union of Cooperative Wineries of the Province of Extremadura was extinguished, resulting in the transfer of the Mundus brand to the Adega Cooperativa da Vermelha Crl, which holds the brand to this day.



During the late 1980s, early 1990s, it stood out through its Light wines, a name given to low-alcohol wines, from the former Wine Region of Extremadura (now the Lisbon Region).

Since then, Adega da Vermelha has remained focused on expanding and improving the range of wines within the Mundus brand, now having not only a more complete range in its light wines, but also has several references of red, sparkling, fortified wines and a reference of Old Brandy, with national and international recognition both in competitions and by consumers themselves.

Nowadays Mundus wines are produced and bottled in Adega da Vermelha, sold in its physical store and online. They are present in wine cellars, supermarkets and beyond borders.

So today we can say that Mundus is more than a light wine...

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